about KSU


As far as I remember all my adult life I am a dreamer. My imagination always runs far ahead of events and realities. People say – the word was at first. For me at first was a picture! I drew everywhere – on the wallpaper, in the walls of the room, on the palms (my and my neighbors …). I was particularly inspired by yellowed pages of book with world’s tale. From that moment I have already been admired by an art. My first sketch of clothing was a wedding dress for my doll. Since that moment I was expressing my inner world using the picture, enduring emotions and feelings on the paper, filling them with paint. A little later my painting and illustration were reflected in fabrics – I begun to sew clothes and then I made dress with my pictures. So I do not imagine my life without these two things, it’s my air. I believe that everything comes to those who believe. Represent for you “the best ever … KSU …”, for all who believe, dream and just love.